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Low-cost CO2 capture by chemical looping combustion
of waste-derived fuels

Zuoan Li, Ingunn Saur Modahl and Øyvind Langørgen
(from left to right): ACT LOUISE members Zuoan Li (SINTEF Industry), Ingunn Saur Modahl (NORSUS), and Øyvind Langørgen (SINTEF Energy Research) at the CLIMIT Summit 2023.

ACT LOUISE at the 2023 CLIMIT Summit

On 8 February 2023, ACT LOUISE was presented at the CLIMIT Summit 2023. The project was represented by Øyvind Langørgen (SINTEF Energy Research).

CLIMIT is Norway’s national programme for the research, development and demonstration of CO2 capture and storage technology (CCS). Their annual summit enables visitors to hear from CLIMIT-supported projects, as well as updates from other areas of CCS.

This year’s summit featured “CCS Speed Dating” sessions, which consisted of a total of 40 five-minute presentations from research and industry in three parallel sessions: “Capture”, “Transport” and “Storage”.

ACT LOUISE presentation focused on the Norwegian business case study

ACT LOUISE featured in the “Capture” session. Due to the time constraint, it was impossible to go into too much detail about the project. Therefore, Øyvind focused the presentation on the Norwegian business case study that the project will develop, as that aspect had the most relevance to a Norwegian audience.

Øyvind Langørgen
Øyvind Langørgen (SINTEF Energy Research) presents ACT LOUISE at CLIMIT Summit 2023.

He gave a brief introduction to the project’s aims and chemical looping combustion before giving a general overview of the Norwegian case study, which is based at Øra industry site in Fredrikstad, Norway.

Project member Zuoan Li (SINTEF Industry) also held a related presentation during the “Capture” session, entitled “Novel molten/solid composite oxygen transport membranes for CO₂ capture”.

A focus on ACT projects

During the second “Keynotes” section of the day, Aage Stangeland from the Research Council of Norway presented the ACT and the Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETP) funding schemes to the conference. He argued that ACT has “helped develop the technology and competence we need to go full scale (with CCS)”.

Aage Stangeland
Aage Stangeland (the Research Council of Norway) presents the ACT scheme at the CLIMIT Summit 2023.

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