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Low-cost CO2 capture by chemical looping combustion
of waste-derived fuels

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Today marks the official kick-off of the “Low-cost CO2 capture by chemical looping combustion of waste-derived fuels” (LOUISE) project. The project is mainly funded through the Accelerating CCS Technologies (ACT) initiative, and will run until 31 September 2024.

The project focuses on generating power and heat from solid waste by using chemical looping combustion (CLC).

“Within the worldwide efforts to mitigate climate change, the LOUISE project will target CO2 emissions from waste incineration,” said Jochen Ströhle, the project administrator.

“Through laboratory experiments, simulations and large-scale pilot operations, we aim to show that chemical looping combustion is a cost-efficient technology for capturing CO2 from waste-to-energy plants,” he continued. “Therefore, we hope that our research will pave the way for future broad applications of zero-emission waste treatment.”

LOUISE is owned by the Institute for Energy Systems and Technology at Technische Universität Darmstadt, and has partners and financial contributions from Germany, Norway, Greece and Turkey.

The first Steering Committee (SC) meeting is scheduled for 10 December 2021. These meetings have the purpose of project members providing updates on their progress and discussing further work. SC meetings will be held monthly on the second Friday of each month.