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Low-cost CO2 capture by chemical looping combustion
of waste-derived fuels

Kilb Vetter

ACT LOUISE Visits a Potential Supplier of Waste-Derived Fuels for Pilot Tests

Today, the TUDA-LOUISE team visited a possible supplier of waste-derived fuels in order to further prepare for the pilot tests at the 1 MWth pilot plant.

The company “Kilb Vetter” close to Frankfurt preprocesses waste streams that are later used, for example, in EEW’s waste-to-energy plants. The waste coming from various private and industrial sources is coarsely sorted and shredded to various grain sizes. Various samples for further analysis were collected and will be examined in TUDA’s lab in the coming weeks to evaluate the suitability of these waste-derived fuels for the CLC pilot tests.

Waste-to-energy plants are significant CO2 emission points. Therefore improving the process of capturing CO2 from these sites would be a marked contribution to achieving Europe’s net-zero goals.

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